The Charm of the Atlantic Coast

Following the coastline, you will discover a region of exceptional beauty, which starts at the estuary of the River Tejo and stretches from Carcavelos beach to the Guincho Beach, against the backdrop of the breathtaking Sintra-Cascais National Park. Stay and explore the heritage, the beaches and the other attractions that are waiting for you.


There are several beaches in Cascais.

  • Praia da Ribeira (300 meters from the apartment) is a small beach that is in the center of Cascais that overlooks the sleepy fishing harbor.
  • Praia da Rainha (600 meters from the apartment) is a delightful beach that was the private beach of queen Dona Amelia.
  • Praia da Conceição (700 meters from the apartment), a sandy beach usually has calm and clear waters.
  • Don’t forget to visit Praia do Guincho, the surfers’ paradise.


The town is small enough to explore entirely on foot or by bike. Bikes can be hired for 6,90€/day in Cascais (ID required) and these are ideal for cycling along the coastal routes towards Guincho beach.
The bikes are basic (no gears) and can be hired from the train station, near Cidadela or near Casa da Guia.


Today, with over 650 years of history, the region has retained its cosmopolitan and sophisticated feel to become affectionately known as the Portuguese Riviera.
The Museum Quarter is a cultural destination with a diverse offer of experiences that nourish a love for the arts and for the pleasure of life.
Located within a confined area, discover different cultural facilities that will keep their identities although as a whole they represent memory, tradition, and heritage.


Sheltered by Cascais Bay, this impressive 16th-century defensive structure was part of a long line of coastal fortifications built to protect the landing areas close to the capital. Today it houses the Cidadela Art District and Presidential Museum.
Cidadela Art District is an outdoor art exhibition, with cultural galleries and studios open for artists’ work before visitors. It aims to bring contemporary art to the general public through the appropriation of unconventional spaces and resources associated with mass communication.


In 1992, UNESCO expanded the World Heritage categories and established the “Cultural Landscape” criteria. Sintra was the first area in Europe to gain the classification of Cultural Landscape in 1995.
A little trip of 15 minutes from Cascais and you will enter the enchanted world of Sintra. A visit worth it!


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